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Henan Conjoin-Win International Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou Free
Trade Area,with the 10 million RMB registered capital. Our professional staffs
have 15 years experiance in export and import business.Our company takes
the Global Vision, innovates the business model, integrates the Internet
thought, integrates the superiority resources, constructs the omni-directional
one-stop International Trade Comprehensive Service Platform. We take the”
Honesty, Service, Law-abiding and Contribution” as the management idea. We
specialized in importing and exporting, international biding ,technology
services, custom clearance ,logsitics transportation,trading financing and etc.
We will always try our best to provide premium services to you!

Market Map

Companies adhere to the “Honesty, Service,
Law-abiding and Contribution” development
business philosophy, and explore the market
actively. Zhengzhou as the center, export
business throughout Europe, North America,
Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central
Asia, the Middle East and other countries
and regions


Talents are the first resource , and most of the employees are after 1980s.
A considerable number of employees have overseas study experience. The
vigorous vitality is the source of power for sustainable development. The
broad vision provides a strong guarantee for business innovation.
Integrating customs clearance, commodity inspection, logistics, insurance,
financing and other resources in the shared trade link, extending the
upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, providing business
platforms for individuals and corporate customers lacking corresponding
capabilities is the key to long-term development.
The service is the product , the concept of differentiation, process
management, professional operation, and strive to provide customers with
a full range of high-end trade experience is the core competitiveness of

Conjoin-win has always attached great importance to and paid close attention to the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical projects in the host country. We have
successfully implemented more than 50 local projects. The main project types are: raw material supply, analysis cabin, skid mounted equipment and equipment
supporting. The supply equipment types are precision instruments, pumps, high-end valves, bulk materials and electrical equipment.
We have good and extensive cooperation with major global brands:

  1. Instruments and meters: including analysis, pressure, temperature, liquid level and flow. At the same time, we also have the ability to integrate DCS and PLC
    control systems. The main supply brands include abb, HACH, Thermo Fisher, Siemens, AMETEK, BARTEC, GE, etc
  2. We have a good cooperative relationship with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil service company, and can provide customers with all kinds of high-end valve
    brands under Schlumberger, including Cameron (core brand valve), general valve (plug and converter valve), order (rising stem back valve), Newco and Douglas
    check (gate, globe, and check valve), Grove (back valve) and navco (FLOATING BALL VALVE).
    At the same time, we also maintain good cooperative relations with other traditional brands, including KSB, Flowserve, Bray, Samson, etc. the types of valves
    provided are mostly large-diameter butterfly valves, high-temperature and high-pressure regulating valves and shut-off valves
  3. Electrical: it can provide all kinds of motors, transformers and switchgear of European and American brands, including abb, Weg, Wolong, VEM and Schneider
  4. Machines and pumps: have close cooperation with Flowserve, KSB, Milton Roy and other well-known international brands, and are participating in local
    large-scale projects with major compressor plants, such as York
  5. Materials: maintain good cooperation with domestic suppliers in China and provide complete material solutions to local customers
  6. Other equipment: rig drilling, SVP (small volume prover), analysis cabin integration