ACB Air Circuit Breakers Schneider electric Sale price – ACB MasterPact air circuit-breakers (ACBs) protect the largest LV lines, carrying currents up to 6300 A. They can be used for source coupling or changeovers. To all high-level electrical professionals, MasterPact sounds like a saga of innovative breakthroughs. Experience full connectivity of the latest generation, Masterpact MTZ, with embedded algorithms enabling ever-higher energy reliability and efficiency.

MasterPact MTZ Circuit breakers to protect lines up to 6300 A, offering advanced digital features

Part of Pact Series Future Ready ! MasterPact MTZ is a comprehensive range of air circuit breakers, to protect from damage caused by overloads, short-circuits or insulation faults. MasterPact MTZ embeds advanced digital technologies, through MicroLogic X control units, and thus contributes to maximum maintenance and energy efficiencies.

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