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ION 7650- ????? ???? ??????? SCHNEDIER ELECTRIC SCADA power qualityanalysis coupled with revenue accuracy,multiple communications ????????????? ???? ??????

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ION 7650

  • Applications
    Reduce energy costs.
    Increase equipment utilization.
    Comply with environmental and regulatory requirements.
    Improve power quality and reliability.
    Improve customer satisfaction and retention.
    Monitor and control equipment.
    Integrated utility metering.
    Allocate or sub-bill energy costs to departments, processes or tenants.
    Main characteristics
    verify reliable operation.
    Summarise power quality, set targets, measure and verify results
    Consolidate all the power quality characteristics into a single trendable index.
    Benchmark power quality and reliability and compare against standards, or compare
    facilities or processes.
    meter settings including IEC or IEEE notations. Multilingual support for English,
    French, Spanish and Russian. 12/24 hour clock support in multiple formats.
    Read information from downstream Modbus devices and view it via the front panel or
    store in memory until you upload to the system level.
    IEC 61850 protocol
    Increase interoperability and decrease engineering time using standard protocol.
    Gateway functionality
    Access through the meter?s Ethernet port (EtherGate) or telephone network
    (ModemGate) to Modbus communicating devices connected to meter serial ports.
    Detect and capture transients as short as 20?s at 50Hz (17?s at 60 Hz)
    Identify problems due to short disturbances, e.g. switching of capacitors, etc.
    Power quality compliance monitoring
    Monitor compliance with international quality-of-supply standards (IEC 61000-4-30
    class A ed. 2(1), EN50160(1), IEC 61000-4-7(1), IEC 61000-4-15(1), IEEE 519, IEEE 1159,
    and IEEE 1453(1).
    Detect waveshape changes
    Detection of phase switching phenomena (for example during the transfer of a highspeed
    static switch) not detected by classical threshold-based alarms.
    Record ultra-fast electrical parameters every 100 ms or every cycle
    Preventive maintenance: acquisition of a motor startup curve, etc.
    Trend curves and short-term forecasting
    Rapid trending and forecasting of upcoming values for better decision making.
    Determine disturbance location and direction relative to the meter. Results captured
    in the event log, along with a timestamp and certainty level.
    Alarm setpoint learning
    The meter analyses the circuit and recommends alarm setpoints to minimise
    nuisance or missed alarms.
    Notify alarms via email
    events by email.(1)
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