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فروش رله حفاظت Ingeteam PL300-NDHZ212DO301

INGEPACTM PL300FI is a suitable solution for backup protection of single-pole and three-pole high
voltage breakers, guaranteeing the clearance of faults when main protection trip does not succeed.
Its main unit is a breaker failure detector that performs trip on CB’s alternative trip circuits or on CBs
upstream of the fault, thus isolating the faulted area from receiving any energy.
Additionally, this equipment provides a continuous real time CB monitoring and ancillary protection
and supervision features such as logic signals generation, events recording and different
communication options regarding physical means and protocols, which are usually not performed
by the main unit.

Main Characteristics:

∙∙Different hardware configuration options allowing to choose the most suitable one for each
∙∙Restricted zone earth faults protection for GIS modular installations (model C)
∙∙Grids coupling and monitoring (breaker closure) under synchronisation conditions, in order to
provide a stable connection of generators or separated grids (model C)
∙∙ Intuitive configuration and monitoring software supplied with the equipment. It does not require a
previous configuration to communicate with the device.
∙∙Different standard communication protocols for electric substations selectable via setting
∙∙Wide dynamic range allowing connection to 5A or 1A secondary of CT
∙∙User-defined logic signals
∙∙Digital inputs and outputs and programmable LED indicators
∙∙Real time monitoring and recording of the parameters of the breaker
∙∙ Events and faults recording
∙∙ 6 setting groups for the automatic adaptation of the relay’s programming to the grid conditions.
∙∙ Synchronisation via demodulated IRIG-B or through communication protocols

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Ingeteam is an international group specializing in power and control electronics (inverters, frequency converters, controllers and protections) and electrical engineering and automation projects. Its range of products includes Indar generators, electric motors, and submersible motors & pumps. The Group completes its products and systems portfolio with operation & maintenance services. Ingeteam develops its products, systems and services for many different sectors: wind, PV, hydro and fossil fuel power generation; metal and mineral processing; mining; marine; rail traction; waters; e-vehicle charging; power grid, always striving towards more sustainable energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. The company operates throughout the world, and is permanently based in 22 countries, with a headcount of 3,900. R&D is the backbone of its business activity, in which 5% of the its turnover is invested annually.


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