Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks


XB7EV05BP ROUND PILOT LIGHT DIAM 22 IP 54 YELLOW I Sale price Schneider electric Telemecanique Merlin Gerin HMI Power Supply PLC Modicon Sensors Proximity Contactors & Protection Relays Enclosures & Accessories HMI (Terminals and Industrial PCs) Industrial Communication Limit Switches and Sensors Measurement and Instrumentation Motion Control and Robotics Motor Starters Pendant and Control Stations PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers Power Supplies and Transformers Process Control & Safety Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks Relays ? Interface, Control and Measurement Safety Switches & Disconnect Switches Software Telemetry and Remote SCADA Systems Terminal Blocks Tower Lights and Signaling Units Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters

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"Harmony" by Schneider-electric

اشنایدر الکتریک مانند هر برند معتبر جهانی برای ارائه خدمات تخصصی خود ، برای هر بخش از نیاز صنعت ، زیر گروه با نامی مشخص اختصاص داده است .زیر گروه با نام "هارمونی" و یا همان " هماهنگی" ، براستی راهکار بسیار مناسب برای پاسخ به نیاز های "سیگنالینگ" و کنترلی صنعت دارد.محصولات این گروه ،با توجه به ماهیت بسیار متنوع کنترل، بسیار زیاد و خارج از حد تصور است! اما شاید مهمترین نیاز روزمره بخش تابلو سازی میتوان به چراغ سیگنال ها ، پوش باتن، کنترل فاز و انواع سوییپ ها و سلکتور سوییچ ها را نام برد ، بیایید تا مزایای این محصولات را بررسی کنیم : Features A complete range to provide the relevant functions for your panels and machines Pushbutton switches, Selector/key switches, Emergency stop buttons, Multiple-headed pushbuttons, Pilot lights, Illuminated pushbuttons and selector switches Various accessories including flush mounting kits, protective covers, and legend plates. Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA, CCC EAC, and JIS standards, as well as CE marking and marine approvals Up to IP66, 67, 69, 69K, and type 4X protection ratings Operating temperature from -40°C –to 70°C Shock protection level up to IK06 High vibration resistance with shake-proof terminal screws Large set of accessories to customize your panels Various types of connection are available: screw clamp, connector, Faston connector, spring terminal, or printed circuit board A wide choice of contact blocks for general purpose or specific applications (low current, standard, or high power switching) Benefits High performance even in the most demanding environments Attractive design, reinforced with the flush mounting kit Flexibility and adaptability through modular design Simplicity and speed of installation Wide offer providing a solution for all your applications Applications General purpose offer covering all segments and applications Industry Machines and control panels in packaging, material handling, material working, pumping, etc. Ideal in extreme environments: food and beverage, automotive, and outdoor use such as mining, water treatment, etc. Building and infrastructure Energy distribution panels, public works, restaurants, commercial buildings, airports, etc.
Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks


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