Solar Cleaning

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Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

As we all know the cleaning PV panel in every solar project plays a key role for success.However in solar farms it is more important to have Cleaning scheme for routine PV cleaning program

Solar power generation can be influenced by many factors. The major factors that reduce or impede the generation of power for the PV panels are; shadows, snow, high temperatures, dust, dirt, bird droppings, pollen and sea salt.

Accumulated dust on the surfaces of PV panels can come from many different sources, and can have a big impact on electricity production. The efficiency of the solar panel can be reduced by up to 50% in a dusty environment, as this interferes with the amount of direct sunlight received to the PV array.

Methods used to clean PV panels

1- Heliotex technology:

Heliotex is an automatic cleaning system that washes and rinses solar panel surfaces. The cleaning system can be programmed whenever it is necessary, depending on the environment.

2- Electrostatics cleaning:

Electrostatics cleaning technology is named “Harvesting electricity”.Electrostatic charge material is used on a transparent plastic sheet or glass that covers the solar panels. Sensors monitor dust levels and activate the system into cleaning mode.

The dust is shaken off the solar panels when an electrically charged wave breaks over the surface material. This is not a safe way for homeowners who are using solar panels because the panel shakes which may loosen its connection to the roof and it could fall down and cause injury.

 3- Robotic cleaning solutions:

system was designed for cleaning the surface of the PV panels automatically to maximize the output of energy composed of a cleaning head and a drive system. The cleaning head has two cylindrical brushes traveling upward and downward along the panel surface edges by a pair of motorized trolleys to generate a clean PV panel

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