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TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. (TECO; Chinese: 東元電機; pinyin: Dōngyuán Diànjī) is a Taiwanese company which was established on 12 June 1956, starting out as an industrial motor manufacturer. Over the years, it has successfully diversified into a conglomerate with worldwide business operations. Now it is the third biggest medium-voltage motor producer in the world, with around 8% market share and also ranked number 5 in global low-voltage A/C motor market, representing 4% of the world. The Company also engages in the manufacture, installation, wholesale, retail of various types of electrical and mechanical equipment, telecommunication equipment and home appliances.

  • Motor
    • Top 3 global motor producer
    • Offering industrial motors ranging from 0.25 kW to 75,000 kW
    • Production and sales of high-efficiency motors, low- and high-voltage 3-phase motors, high-thrust motors, explosion-proof motors, steel-cased motors, single-phase motors, aluminum-cased motors, brake motors, eddy-current motors, inverter-duty motors, high-temperature exhaust gas fan motors, gear-reducing motors, crane motors, wound rotor motors, submersible motors, DC motors, ventilation blowers, synchronous motors, variable-pole motors, other motors/generators, compressors and wind-powered generators.
  • System Automation
    • Entails the R&D, production and sales of industrial automation products and electronic control systems such as industrial inverter, servo system, electromagnetic switches & molded-case circuit breakers, etc.
    • Production and sales of AC/DC motor controls, programmable logic controllers, servo controllers, electromagnetic switches, molded-case circuit breakers, electronic relays and other inverter products; as well as design and installation of power distribution networks.
  • M&E Construction
    • R&D, design, production, and sales of equipment and systems meant for the supply of electrical power
    • Undertaking of projects related to power distribution and generation, alternative energy, and rail stations and depots
    • Air-conditioning equipment for specific environments such as clean rooms
    • Design, construction, and management of electrical engineering systems for high-rise buildings
    • Integration of air-conditioning and electrical engineering systems for hospitals and hotels
    • Water pump stations and other related projects
  • Home Appliance
    • Production, assembly, sales, and repair of household/commercial air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dehumidifiers, dryers, televisions, LCD monitors, air purifiers, small appliances, DVD recorders, stereo systems, health appliances; dealership of other domestic and foreign home appliances brands.
  • New Development – Wind Power
    • Launched the first Taiwan-made 2 MW permanent-magnet synchronous wind turbine bearing own brand in March 2010
    • Production and sales of FC-2000 2.0 MW PMSG (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Generator) wind turbine, power converter, control system and KW level wind-power turbine